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London Rambling

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Strategic Routes

Strategic routes are the 'crown jewels' of walking in London.

Previously funded by Transport for London (TfL) Walk London has worked with the local authorities to develop an impressive network of quality walking routes - so whether you are looking for a place to feed the ducks, a short stroll in your lunch hour, or an energetic walk to make you feel more alive - Walk London!

They are well-signposted, publicised routes helping Londoners and visitors to discover more about the city and its suburbs.  The seven routes are:

  • Capital Ring - a surprisingly green, 78 mile orbital walk of London's suburbs at roughly zone 3
  • Green Chain Walk - a network of paths in South East London, affording great views of London, fascinating architecture and extensive wood- and heathland walking
  • Jubilee Walkway - a 15 mile walk through Central London, connecting London's main attractions, historic places, parks and open spaces
  • Lea Valley Walk - the Lea Valley was the original home of the military industrial complex.  Today, it's a fascinating mixture of old and new and natural, bordering the Olympic Park regeneration site.  The Lea Valley Walk runs for 18 miles through this fascinating landscape
  • London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP) - the LOOP runs for 152 miles around the edge of London, tying together green spaces and historic sites
  • Thames Path - Part of the first National Trail, which runs for 180 miles from the river's source to the Thames Estuary, East of London, 40 miles of the path run through London - through the arcadian stretches west of the city, through the business of the city centre and on through the industrialised and regenerated sections to the East.
  • Jubilee Greenway - this route, established in 2012, runs for 37 miles and links many of the 2012 London Olympic sites.

To find out more about these routes, visit Walk London's web site.